World Cancer Day

The 4th of February is World Cancer day. 2016 has been off to a sad start with the loss of two legends, David Bowie and Alan Rickman, to cancer.

For World Cancer Day I have made a donation to the NZ Cancer society. They focus on cancer research, supporting patients and their families, and raise awareness through events like the relay for life which will be taking place on March 12th in Hamilton.

Cancer is so ubiquitous that raising awareness of it seems a little like raising awareness of the Kardashians. Cancer kills 8.2 million people each year, it is not an obscure disease you’ve never heard of before. However, raising awareness of what we can do, the aim of World Cancer Day, is very important. We can make lifestyle changes that reduce our risk of cancer such as quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, eat more fruits and veges, and exercise more regularly. We can be sure to get our symptoms checked out if we are worried. In New Zealand it is especially important to remember to keep an eye on any moles which change in appearance. We can support people who have cancer. We can take action.

We can also take inspiration from the late, great David Bowie and “we can be heroes just for one day”. Whether that be by donating our time or money, or doing something for someone we know who is currently battling cancer. Every little bit we can do is heroic and can make a big difference.




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