International Women’s Day


Today is the second best day in the year for women (Galentines day being number 1 of course) it’s International Women’s day! To support International women’s day and the aim of Planet 50-50 by 2030 you can #PledgeForParity.

Pledge to take action because 117 years is too long to wait for equality. 117 years is too long for girls and women to be treated as less than. It is too many catcalls, too many fearful walks home alone, too many victims of gendered and sexual violence, too many bright minds denied access to education, too many women and families struggling to make ends meet on $0.86 to the $, too many ideas and contributions dismissed because they were made by a woman, too many hours of condescending mansplaining, too many superfluous “sorry”s because females must apologise for existing in a man’s world.

On a lighter note International Women’s Day is also a chance to celebrate bad ass babes so here are 3 women who make me proud to share that extra X chromosome:

  1. Helen Clark.


The former prime minister of New Zealand is one awesome lady who has faced her share of gender discrimination. Throughout her time as Prime Minister she was subject to a lot of scrutiny, but it was not her policy at the centre of this scrutiny it was her looks. Because what other value does a woman have?  Despite the very mature response of the NZ public and media to having a female in charge Helen Clark led our country for 3 terms (and did a much better job than the current PM). Now that she is no longer our prime minister she is fondly remembered as “Aunty Helen” and there is still the occasional cry of “bring back Helen!” Unfortunatley we are out of luck as she has moved on to bigger and better things: heading the United Nation Development Goals. I saw her talk about the development goals at Waikato University a few years ago and she was so cool, she definitely inspires me to try and make an impact and strive to do better. I think it is such a privilege for kiwi girls like me to have grown up with such a strong women as Prime Minister. Thanks Helen Clark for showing all of us in NZ how it’s done

2.Emma Watson.

While I was not a massive fan of the Harry Potter movies I think that one of the few really great casting choices was Emma Watson. Emma Watson is Hermione Granger. If you didn’t already believe this Emma Watson’s new role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador confirms it, she is intelligent, passionate and stands up for what she believes in just like Hermione. I don’t really need to explain why I love Emma Watson, her speech at the HeForShe launch speaks for itself. If you haven’t seen this yet stop what you’re doing and watch it NOW!

3. Leslie Knope.

I know she is a fictional women but Leslie Knope SHOULD be the first female president of the United States. She is hilarious and the greatest feminist icon ever. She is so supportive of her female friends, from the amazing compliments she constantly showers upon Ann Perkins, to the way she encourages April to reach her potential, and her Pawnee Goddesses encouraging young children to be glorious female warriors. Leslie also hilariously calls out gender discrimination and male privilege “No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me. I’m like a white male US senator”. She is a champion for feminism, hear her womanly roar! Although Leslie Knope is not real Amy Poehler the actress who plays her is very real and very cool

Those are just 3 awesome women who inspire me, there are too many to list them all. Who are your female role models?

I hope that you all have a great International Women’s day and support and celebrate the wonderful women in your lives today, because you know the code

Leslie Knope

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