World Day for Safety and Health at Work

I know a lot of people find all the bureaucratic rules and health & safety at work a little over the top or annoying, nobody wants to fill in a form every time they get a paper cut, but they are important. If we all spent a little bit of time in a country where workers do not have the same rights and protection as we do (Such as factory workers in China exposed to cancer causing chemicals *ahem Apple*) we would appreciate OSH a lot more.

This year the theme of World Day for Safety and Health at Work is Workplace Stress: A Collective Challenge. Long hours, expectations of increased productivity, competition, taking on duties above your role (with no reimbursement), job insecurity are all factors that lead to work place stress. These risks are becoming more prevalent due to the recession and our need for everything to be instantaneous. Workplace stress is now recognised as a global issue which is affecting workers all over the world. Which means that we all need to take this seriously and come up with solutions to help us get back to a healthy and balanced work life.

Are you stressed at work? Does your employer offer any solutions to help combat psychological risks at your workplace? Or do you employ people and have solutions to ensure your employees are happy and healthy?

I think that feeling appreciated is such a great way of combating stress or dissatisfaction in the workplace. Knowing that my work is valued and appreciated definitely helps to keep me motivated and happy at work.

My workplace is pretty good at doing simple things to let us know we are valued especially during the busy season when the office was shouted pizza one day, and we all got chocolate from management. We also have very frequent shared lunches. So in my office they seem to have chosen food as a solution to workplace stress which I am happy with. My boss is also pretty flexible with our working hours which is nice.

I would appreciate some fresh air in the office though, air con stresses me out/I just hate it, I demand windows that open to reduce workplace stress.

What are your solutions if you are getting stressed out at work?

Pic drawn by the awesome hyperbole and a half




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