World Book and English Language Days

April 23rd what a great day! I spent it celebrating world book day in the only way you should: reading! I finished the book I had been reading and then spent the rest of the day in bed until I had finished another.

World Book Day has been my favourite to celebrate so far because I basically spent the day in my natural state; in bed with books and snacks. It was also English Language Day but as everyday is English Language Day for me I just continued to speak/listen/read in English as I normally do.

Anyway because it’s World Book Day here is a list of reasons why we should all read all the time (or at least more often):

1. Escapism: There is nothing like a book to become completely absorbed in another world. It is a great way to escape when you are bored, stressed or down. Books can take you to so many places completely different from your own world which is great fun and perfect when you need to take a little break from your life

2. Learn: Books are a great and interesting way to learn new things without noticing that you’re learning. I especially love learning about new places through reading novels. A book is always essential when travelling to help you get through waits at the airport or long train journeys etc. I love to buy a book by a local author/set in the country I am travelling in, it is such a great way to learn about life in the country I am visiting.

3. Expand your vocab: Reading is a good way to pick up new words which means that you can become more eloquent and sound much smarter when you communicate. For example, I noticed that I’ve used the word “great” copiously in this post so I will have to read more to learn some synonyms and stop using “great” so frequently in future posts.

4. Guilt free entertainment: I love to read and as an added bonus I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my day if I spend it reading a good book unlike when I binge watch TV. I think this is because reading uses your brain so it feels like you have achieved something when you finish a book.

5. Relax, reduce stress and sleep easy: Reading is a great wonderful way to unwind and de-stress, I also find that reading before bed helps me get to sleep.

6. Expand your worldview and become more empathetic: reading allows us to step into another life whether it is real or fictional. Through reading you can understand and feel like you have experienced situations which you would not normally encounter. This can make us more empathetic and bring to life world events and issues. Often statistics or facts do not affect me but a story about an issue can make me engage with and care about it. I previously wrote about how Desert Flower opened my eyes to the horror of Female Genital Mutilation.

7. Finally, it comes recommended by Doctors: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

Why do you read?

Also if anyone has any suggestions for great books (or great book blogs) you should let me know. I have been a bit of a book slump at the moment and it has been a while since I have read a book that I have really loved.

(Photo credit: John W. Doull Bookseller in Halifax, NS by Atlantic Heart stolen from bookshelf porn)


4 thoughts on “World Book and English Language Days

  1. What kind of book would you like to get lost in these days? I’ve gone through periods. The romance, horror (although this is always current), mainstream, literary, classic, thriller (my current go-to because I’m too busy to get lost in overly heavy books; I need a fast-paced book). However, I am reading something right now that is outside of the thriller genre. It’s a good book so far, nice to get lost in — Erin Morgenstirn’s The Night Circus, which I found out through Bookidote. Now, if you want something clever, funny, interesting, and absurd, I recommend Bill Fitzhugh. I’ve read all his books. When I like an author, I read all their books and there are quite a lot of really good ones out there. I wish now I made a list of those I’ve read. I just started doing that with my blog, which includes book reviews, but they’re mostly of thrillers because they’re what I’m reading right now with the exception of what I’m reading right now.


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