Immunisation Week and World Malaria Day

There is currently a measles outbreak in my region, there have been about 9 cases diagnosed so far and the DHB is expecting there to be more cases. Who knew anyone still got measles? It shows that even in the developed world we are at risk of these preventable diseases and it so important to get immunised.

Immunisations save millions of lives however, there are still 1.5 million deaths each year which could be avoided if everyone received vaccinations. Here is a video from WHO about the importance of immunisations:

The whole anti-vaccer thing seems to have become increasingly popular lately. Google/that meme you saw on Facebook is making a lot of people think they know more than doctors and the World Health Organisation. You don’t. There is no correlation between immunisation and autism. Even if there was, do anti-vaccers seriously think that a tiny chance their child might be autistic is worse than their child dying from a preventable disease? Or spending the rest of their life in an iron lung? Ugh.

Speaking of preventable diseases it was also World Malaria Day this week.Over half a million people die from malaria each year, the majority of whom are children. This is a pretty appalling statistic considering this is a disease which can be both prevented and treated. The communities which are most affected by malaria often do not have access to health care. WHO is working to eliminate malaria, and so far 4 million deaths have been prevented since 2001 but there is still a long way to go. Preventative medication for those most at risk is an important step in reaching the goal of eliminating malaria.

This week in International Days there has definitely been a health spin so I hope it has found you all in good health.


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