International Mother Earth Day

Everyone seems to be celebrating this Day, Facebook and Google have definitely jumped on the bandwagon. Hopefully that means that lots of people are actually committed to making positive changes to help the environment this International Mother Earth Day. It is also a good time to put pressure on governments to live up to the commitments made in Paris as the Paris agreement is being signed today.

If you are not feeling particularly motivated or inspired this Earth Day I suggest you Watch WALL-E it always makes me want to go out and save the world.

Here is a list from Greenpeace of things that you can do this Earth Day:

Point 3 is regarding how our eating habits can be a good place to make changes. I have recently been trying to avoid food that comes in unnecessary packaging which is another way you can modify your food buying habits to benefit the environment.

Are you planning to make any changes for Earth Day?

If you are in NZ you can check out if there are any Forest and Bird projects going on in your area that you can help out with for International Mother Earth Day (I know the day is pretty much over here but it is the start of a long weekend).

Happy International Mother Earth Day, I hope that everyone managed to get outside and enjoy mother earth for a little while today.



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