#TBT International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day I posted about how Helen Clark is one of the really inspiring females that makes me proud to share that extra X chromosome.

Good news!

Helen Clark is now running for Secretary-General of the UN! I cannot think of a better person for the job, she was an excellent leader of our country for 9 yeard, has been doing great things with the UN Development Goals and I’m sure she will be a great Secretary-General.

I think this interview with one of her former colleagues and Helen herself demonstrates why she is most definitely the person for the job. (The video is in Maori with subtitles)

I love that she is campaigning based on her merit rather than emphasising that she would be the first female Secretary-General (I think Hillary Clinton’s Campaign could learn something from her). It shows that she has a lot of integrity and believes that with her skills and experience she really is the best candidate.

you can follow her campaign 4 Secretary-General on Twitter.

Speaking of inspiring women, check out this article about a Malawian chief who has broken up more than 850 child marriages sending the girls back to school and she’s working towards banning child marriage:


With Helen Clark as the UN Secretary-General and Awesome female leaders like Theresa Kachindamoto maybe soon everyday will be International Women’s Day. (Don’t freak out men. I just mean that with more female leadership there might be a little less gender discrimination and violence and we might be moving ever so slightly closer to gender parity).


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