Guess Who’s Back?

I haven’t posted in a while so a more accurate title for this blog would now be 11 months of UN days rather than a year. I decided to take a social media break over Easter and it has been difficult to get back into it, But never fear I am back!

I have missed posts about quite a few days in the meantime. Turns out the UN Calendar is jam packed in March and April. I guess it might have something to do with it being Spring time and everyone having renewed energy to get behind different  causes and mark all of the days. On this side of the world we are going in the opposite direction however, and it is now the time of the year when for me anything other than hot chocolate, books and movies while snuggled in blankets does not seem very desirable. Does anyone else become incredibly housebound and unmotivated in Autumn?

If you want to look into any of the Days that have taken place over the last few weeks here is a full list:

24 March

25 March

2 April

4 April

6 April

7 April

Luckily I’m back in time for the International Day of Human Space Flight tomorrow. I hope that you have all been well in my absence.

To infinity and beyond!


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