International Day of Happiness :D

Today is the International Day of Happiness a day all about being happy! It is also a day which recognises how important happiness and well-being are.  The UN is committed to promoting well-being through its Sustainable Development Goals. The member states have also agreed to make happiness a bigger priority. Hopefully, this means we will all be following in the footsteps of Bhutan  and use happiness and well-being as indicators of progress and prosperity rather than just measuring our wealth (without looking at it’s distribution).

Gross National Happiness was introduced in Bhutan in 1972. The 4 main principles are sustainable development, preserving and promoting culture, protecting the environment and good governance. GNH is basically development which is not based solely on an ever growing economy, instead the needs and well-being of the people are considered. How cool is it to have a country where they value the happiness and well-being over GDP?

Bhutan has it’s list of conditions needed in order for it’s citizens to be happy but we all have certain things that make us happy. Here are some of mine:

1. Happy songs! Here are a few of the songs that put a massive grin on my face whenever I listen to them:

The Way we get by & I Turn My Camera On – Spoon. Basically any song by Spoon they are awesome but these 2 are especially happy and I can’t help smiling and singing along whenever I hear them 🙂

Dancing Choose – TV On The Radio. I love to blast this song when nobody is home and dance around the house like I’ve been possessed, my dance moves get pretty weird when i’m rocking out to this by myself, the whole album is really great but when this song comes on… watch out!

Turn A Square – The Shins. Love, Love, Love this song.

Imitosis – Andrew Bird. Lyrically this song doesn’t exactly exude happiness (we are all basically alone e.t.c.) but I love Andrew Bird and there’s just something about this song that puts me in a good mood.

Lucky Lips – Ruth Brown. Ruth Brown has got an amazing voice and this song has got some great lyrics

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars. I’m sure plenty of people are sick of this song but it has so many good memories of paying mini tenpin bowling and dancing with my friends in Granada this song is one I will never hear too much.

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift. I wasn’t a big fan of Taylor Swift until this song came out, it is a really fun song and I love that she can make fun of herself. The video is great too

Jump In The Line (Shake, Señora) – Harry Belafonte. I love this song and the scene at the end of Beetlejuice with Winona Ryder dancing in mid air is gold.

Here is a happy playlist I made for the International Day of Happiness:

2. Nighttime Strolls. I love putting on headphones and going out into the night for a walk. Walking in the night/evening after the sun has gone down is a great way to clear my head, even just walking around familiar neighbourhood streets becomes so much more fun after dark. I especially love to do this when it is raining, I put on my yellow rain boots (which are so bright yellow you have to be happy when you wear them) and stomp through all the puddles.

3. Chocolate and little hot donuts! Food is the greatest thing and never fails to cheer me up if it is chocolatey! I also love the hot donuts that you get at fairs and markets, they are so good when they are freshly made, burning hot and covered in sugar and cinnamon mmmm. I think because for me donuts/buñuelos are so associated with feria and other fun events it makes me like them even more and they make me happy when I eat them because I’ve had them on so many fun and happy occasions.

4. Roly polys! it is so fun and freeing to roll down a grassy slope. Any kind of childlike activity where you let go of adult inhibitions and just have fun makes me happy. Roly polys, slides, not stepping on any cracks as I walk to work, jumping in puddles, stepping on crunchy leaves, spinning on my chair at the office etc.

What are the things that make you happy?

Have a happy day/night everyone and I’ll see ya tomorrow when 5 days are being celebrated!




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