Zero Discrimination Day

In a world where there seem to be so many reasons to discriminate and hate I hope for change.

I hope not for tolerance but for acceptance.

Then lets go one step further than that and not just accept our differences but embrace them, because it is our differences that make us interesting. If it weren’t for our differences it would be like all the world was furnished by IKEA, or every coffee you ever had was from Starbucks. A.K.A Incredibly f*cking boring.

More importantly we are all people and we all deserve to be treated as such.

This weekend I went to a slam poetry event at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival and Carrie Rudzinski’s performance was amazing so I would like to share one of her poems about gender with you:


Today is Zero Discrimination Day, a day where we the only thing that is not tolerated is discrimination against any person due to their gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, class, sexuality, age etc. This includes discrimination against  people who are HIV positive. The discrimination and stigma that surround HIV and AIDS are serious issues as it can lead to barriers in preventing and treating HIV. 1 in 8 HIV positive people have reported that they have been denied healthcare.  So lets Stand Out for Zero Discrimination Day because all people deserve dignity and the opportunity to live a full life.

In the immortal words of Horton “a person is a person no matter how small” and like the whos we need to make some noise



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